For Aizia’s employees, 「AIZIA」is not only a brand, but also an abbreviation of insistences: Insistences of unceasing innovation; Insistences of zeal of health; Insistences of bring our customers a better life.

AIZIA insists on and follow this belief from the establishment in 1986. We always keep innovating and dedicate us to the research in water field. Finally, we invent and develop the most state-of-the-art technique:
Exclusive substantial anti-oxidation capability and Tiny cluster of water molecules.

「Research and Innovation」、「Health」、「Zeal」、「Better Life」are the foundations of AIZIA.「A」、「I」mean 「Applied Innovation」, which is most valuable belief of AIZIA. 「Z」symbolizes 「Zeal of health」,.Relying on this zeal, AIZIA innovates unceasingly a series of biotech water treatment system and other health products to bring our customers a complete healthy environment. 

Because we believe that we can bring our customers a better life by insisting on the belief of AIZIA and applying the most state-of-the-art technique. We are confident to implement our business ideas of 「I」 and 「A」— 「Innovate A better life」, and bring the brand belief of AIZIA into full play.