How to choose quality drinking water? 2019-07-13

Everybody knows that water is very important to us. But if you drink bad quality water, it is not only useless, but also harmful for our body.

At present, distilled water is popular. But do you know that distilled water has no minerals and any elements. You will have the problem of malnutrition, if you drink over a long period of time. And distilled water can’t be used in aquaculture and flower arranging. R.O. water is another popular water now. It uses the principle of " reverse osmosis" to produce pure water. Because the membrane is very close and the hole is very tiny. Thus, all of the impurities, minerals, organism are filtered. Thus, the tap water, which is processed by " reverse osmosis" becomes pure water without those beneficial minerals. And the water will be weak acidic with pH value of 4~6. If we drink those weak acidic water over a long period of time, we will have the problem of uric acid .

Actually, there are essential microelements for human body in tap water, for example, selenium, zinc, nickel, copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese…etc., we shouldn’t remove it. We even ingest those minerals from vegetable. We shouldn’t filter those beneficial minerals out.

However, Top Spring Life Energy Water system is a high-tech product. It not only can remove the heavy mental, agricultural chemicals, residue chlorine and odor in tap water, but also keep the beneficial minerals in water. Moreover, it can produce 51Hz of cluster of water molecule, and make use of a high-tech SEH® Bio-Ceramic. SEH® Bio-Ceramic can make a reaction with water, so that produce a kind of water, which processes exclusive substantial anti-oxidation capability and the nature is similar to beings- Top Spring Life Energy Water In addition to good water quality, tiny cluster of water molecule, exclusive substantial anti-oxidation capability, Top Spring Life Energy Water processes other applications. For example of making tea or coffee with Top Spring Life Energy Water. Because of the cluster of Top Spring Life Energy Water molecule is very tiny, it can be easy to bring out the flavor of tea and coffee. Thus, it can conserve the usage amount of tea and coffee. 

Top Spring Life Energy Water can maintain the freshness of food, remove agricultural chemical of vegetable, cook delicious rice, delay the acidification, remove the odor after having your hair permed and also protect your scalp. Top Spring Life Energy Water is not only good for health, but also multi-functional. It’s your best choice.