51 Hz water molecule is good water 2019-07-15

Water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen, and the molecular symbol is H2O. However, in fact, most of the water is made up of more than five water molecules.

According to experiments, the smaller the molecular, the more delicious the water is, and can lead to better health of the body. The method for measuring the size of the molecular was invented by Matsushita Hiroshi and his companions of Japanese electronics (Akishima, Tokyo). When tested by NMR, Panasonic and its companions found that the water molecules emitted different signals when they were in different size, so they were further digitized (in Hertz). In general, the smaller the value, the smaller the molecular.

Based on this finding, Panasonic and others went to collect water from various places, and the water in the eight villages of the independent Republic of Armenia, which was known as the long-lived people, was subjected to NMR tests. At 80 Hz, the water molecular is quite tiny.

As for tap water and rain, it is 120 Hz. The pure water scientifically defined as clean water, even up to 150 oz or more. Compared with the drinking water of long-lives Village, its molecular is very large. The water in the city of Akishima, which is known as the best tap water in Tokyo, is 84 Haoz, the smallest of all tap water molecular. But what about the "NMR values" of the water produced by the Top Spring® Life Energy water System series? The value measured by the most authoritative Toray Research Center in Japan is 51 Hz. (The original water is 110 Hz in Otsu City).

Compared with 80 Hz in long-lives Village, 84 Hz in Akishima City, the "51 Hz" of water produced by Top Spring® Life Energy water System is quite a surprising number. This number proves that "the smaller the molecular, the more delicious the water, and the better the health."